Prioritising roles of TL

Herring (2007) advocates the 3 roles from ASLA being curriculum leader, information specialist and information manager. Other groups expand on these roles and include reference to web tools. Purcell (2010) suggests that school library media specialist assist learning with the increasing amounts of information that come in different forms. She also suggests that the media specialist roles are evolving in our changing times as we adapt to new technologies. Lamb (2011) also suggests that the roles of school media specialists are teachers, leaders and advocates for reading, inquiry and learning. The specialist should collaborate with teachers to design programs with best learning outcomes for student. Lamb indicates that media specialists must adjust attitudes, acquire new knowledge and update their skills to use the new tools and resources available. Valenza (2010) is a power house of ideas and it would take more than one year to attain her standards of media specialist.

To do all these things in my library with 1400 students, I would like to be there instead of 0.5. I’m finding that my position as VET teacher/librarian too much, taking lots of my “free” time and I’m not doing either job very well. It has also contributed to a much lesser “presence” in the library as Teacher Librarian. I have noted that the students are not using the databases that I worked so hard the year before to get them to use, there has also been less student instruction and collaboration with teachers. Collection development has also suffered, with less current resources available, though in fact, this is also due to budget cuts.


Herring, J. (2007). Teacher librarians and the school library. In S. Ferguson (Ed.) Libraries in the twenty-first century : charting new directions in information (pp. 27-42). Wagga Wagga, NSW : Centre for Information Studies, Charles Sturt University.

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Valenza, J. (2010, December 23). A revised manifesto. Retrieved July 24, 2013, from School library journal:

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