Time management

I have been reading from the website  http://www.time-management-success.com/time-management-for-teachers.html  . Found it very interesting, I now have a new found interest in proper use of the diary, and an organised desk and managing those pesky emails. The emails are especially important to me as this article on email particularly resonated with me. My Inbox is full and I need to organise it!!! I found it interesting that unless its urgent, that a lot of things  were to be put on the next day’s agenda, including cleaning up email, tasks for tomorrow’s diary, etc. I’ll keep you posted about my email cleanup success.


Some months later – the time management isn’t working for emails. My emails still looks like a battle zone (but all answered or acknowledged!). I think that I need to have a large amount of time to delete, then start again with better habits.

My paper based diary is working well, permanently opened on my desk and I am less likely to miss things than on Outlook, although I use that as well.


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